METI Global Internship Program FY2016

METI Global Internship Program aims to develop human resources that can serve as a bridge for strengthening economic cooperation and developing business ties between Japan and host countries. To that end, this internship program dispatches promising Japanese people to governments, government agencies, industrial organizations, local companies, and Japanese companies overseas, in developing countries.

Program Goals

  • 1) To support Japanese SMEs’ overseas business activities (implementing market research, finding local partners, building up personal connections with people in important governmental organizations, developing human resources, etc.).
  • 2) To encourage interns to be able to design new products and services for emerging markets.
  • 3) To promote social networks and cooperation with governmental organizations and/or local key persons which is necessary for acquiring infrastructure business.
  • 4) To educate Japanese students to become future global leaders.

Program Overview

Implementer of the program


Expected countries for dispatch

Countries mainly in Asia

Area Countries to which interns will be dispatched?
Southeast Asia Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia
South Asia India, Sri Lanka
Europe Serbia
South America Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexcio
Interns Recruited Japanese, age between 20 and 40 (screened by the implementer)
Host companies and organizations Governments, governmental organizations, industrial associations, local companies, and Japanese companies in developing countries
Activities Internship in host organizations
Dispatch Period 2 to 5 months between Sep 20, 2017 and Feb 14, 2018
Number of interns to be dispatched Around 70 persons

Merits for host Companies/Organizations of hosting interns

This program gives host companies/organizations an opportunity to revitalize themselves and acquire knowledge and knowhow on Japanese business customs and attitudes through guidance and interaction with interns. They can also use this opportunity to create networks with Japanese companies and strengthen bilateral relations between their country and Japan.

TOP 4 reasons for accepting interns


Completion Reports of Internship FY2017

62 Japanese interns who have been dispatched to 12 developing countries in 2017 submitted their completion reports of Internship, which can be found here in a PDF file.
We would like to share their experiences with you.

FY2017 Completion Reports of Internship


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